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GoSL Online Repository provides data directly from the government concession management system, as managed by the Mining Cadastre Office (MCO) under the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources.

The MCO is responsible for the administration of all industrial mineral rights, and its regional offices (Bo, Kenema, Koidu, Makeni) are responsible for artisanal rights. All offices use the RD Mineral Rights Administration System to manage and issue licenses.

Please see the following reference documentation; Legal Act 2009, MCO Guidelines. Please see the MMMR Web Site ( for more information.

Please contact MCO for any enquires; MCO, 5th floor Youyi Building, Freetown. The system is supported and hosted on behalf of the ministry by the Revenue Development Foundation. The system is designed to support the Extraction Industries Transparency Initiative.
- MCO helpdesk; Email:
- RDF System Support;

Media and civil society may also contract the Public Relations Officer at MMMR or the Ministry of Information.

The Ministry appreciates any feedback you may have to improve the system.

Please refer to terms and condition of using the GoSL Online Repository.

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The GoSL Online Repository is established by Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) in collaboration with Revenue Development Foundation to improve transparency and provide public access to information related to the mining sector of Sierra Leone. The GoSL have adopted a firm stance on transparency and data sharing in the extractive industry, as demonstrated in the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009 ; “For the purpose of realising its objectives under this Act, the Minister shall- a) develop a framework for transparency in the reporting and disclosure by persons engaged in the extractive industry, of revenue due to or paid to Government; […] e) disseminate by way of publication or otherwise, records, reports or any information concerning the revenue of the Government from the extractive industry, at least annually”
By using the GoSL Online Repository, users agree to the conditions specified in this disclaimer notice. • By using the web pages, the user agrees to the jurisdiction of the courts of Sierra Leone, and to the application of the Laws of Sierra Leone. • The GoSL impose no restrictions to the non-commercial reproduction, re-publication and re-distribution of any information published on its website. However, third parties who use the information should represent it accurately and duly acknowledge its source and cite the date that data were accessed or retrieved from the repository. • All messages received or sent via the repository and any continuing electronic mail messages are GoSL’s property. GoSL shall not be required to answer all messages or other communication received via our website. • The name and trademark associated with the GoSL Online Repository, all icons, pictures and illustrations used on this website are, unless the contrary is expressly stated or implied from the context, the trademarks or service marks or property of the GoSL.

All datasets accessed through the repository are confined to public information and must not contain information prohibited by the Constitution or the laws of Sierra Leone. The supplying Ministry/Department is required to maintain currency with public disclosure requirements. All information accessed through the repository must be in compliance with current privacy requirements provided for by the Constitution and other relevant statutes.
All information accessed through the repository should have undergone internal quality control by the submitting/source agency. As the authoritative source of the information, submitting Departments/Agencies retain version control of datasets accessed through the repository.
Data accessed through the repository do not, and should not, include controls over its end use. However, as the data owner or authoritative source for the data, the submitting Department or Agency must retain version control of datasets accessed. Once the data have been downloaded from the agency's site, the government cannot vouch for their quality and timeliness. Furthermore, the GoSL cannot vouch for any analyses conducted with data retrieved from.